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Here at Little Kims, we LOVE babies, kids, and parents! Raising little children is one of the most difficult yet precious things we can do in our lives (from our experience). We have been through our own journey and recognize all the work and love that it takes to bring these little cuties into the world and raise them with love and care!

In order to make your life as parents a little easier and a little brighter, we strive to bring you the best for your little ones... items that are functional, eco-friendly, and stylish, so that you can smile and revel in your little cuties as you head off to your next adventure together.

We know that your babies and kids are the light of your lives, but also the source of tired eyes. To make this journey as sweet as possible, we do our best to design items that enhance all that you love about the adorable little cuties of yours, and make you happy too! We do this for you, moms and dads, as you are the inspiration behind all of this. You do a lot of work, and any little cute design we can bring into your lives, we do to make you smile!



Little Kims was founded by Christine Kim, a mom and a designer based in New York. She was inspired to create a modern childrenswear company through her own experience in trying to find cute, stylish, eco-friendly items that fit her design aesthetic for her baby (now little girl) that also aligned with her environmental values. Little Kims was a result of many years of research, training, and a discovery process of Christine's passions and entrepreneurial ambitions, that culminated with a realization that what she valued most was a love of kids, stylish design, and eco-friendly offerings.

Christine's career started in the tech space as a java developer and consultant prior to making a career change into user experience to design better online experiences. After a big move to New York from Chicago, Christine eventually ended up where her passions led her -- to design, fashion, and sustainability. Christine has a Masters in Product Design and Design Planning, an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise, and a degree in Fashion Design from Parsons. Her love of product design, innovation, sustainability, and fashion has led her to the creation of this company today.

Thank you for visiting us and we hope you love the products here that have been designed with you and your kids in mind! 





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