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Our Sustainability Mission

Little Kims was born out of a dream. A dream to create a business that was built on sustainability and the triple bottom line... people, planet, and profits. It was a dream to design beautiful products while being good stewards of our planet and taking care of all the people we impact along the way.

We are guided by the 3 E's of Sustainability:

Environment, Economy, & Social Equity.

We design everything with that in mind — to make choices that are good for your family and good for the planet, so that we can enjoy this world for generations to come. 


We believe small things matter, even if no one is around to see it. From choosing eco-friendly printing companies, recycling, sourcing eco-friendly fabrics, and using biodegradable packaging material. Every choice has an impact, and we are highly conscious of that. We aren’t perfect, as we’ve discovered it’s impossible to be 100% eco-friendly, but we do our best to make the best possible choice given all the options available to us. 


We take the time to find and choose suppliers and factories that will help us with our mission. We take no shortcuts here. It’s important to find people we can trust.

Our Mission is Simple.

Great design + Sustainability + Giving Back 

There’s no reason why these things can’t go hand in hand.


As designers and creators, we know the magnitude of the impact we have on our world as we scale and grow. We have a responsibility to be take care of our planet and the people that come in contact with our products. We are highly aware that our manufacturing practices affect the quality of life of those who live in those areas.


Our goal is to leave things better than we found it. 

We do this so that we can create a better world. 

We hope you’ll join us in our mission too. 

Read about how we work with orphans in Uganda

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